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Wild Mushrooms 

August 8, 2017

Recently I’ve been intentional about offering to assist my husband with cutting the lawn. I figured getting behide the mower would be beneficial in a few ways:

1. I would gain some points with my hubby (teamwork)

2. It would serve as a mini workout (guaranteed to sweat)

3. Emi would think I was cool (gotta win points with the daddy’s girl)

So the other day as Marquis was preparing to cut the lawn, I rushed outside to offer my help. At this point I think I’m a pro (lol, nah seriously). As I began to push the mower Holy Spirit instructed me to pay close attention. I quickly noticed that there were wild mushrooms in the grass.

I never notice them before, so I began to ask Holy Spirit what was so significant about the mushrooms. God immediately began to minister to me. The reason I hadn’t notice the mushrooms before is because my motive was gaining points; not on making sure I produced quality work. And bam the reality of that truth hit me like a ton of bricks.

See cutting the lawn that day was an experience I will never forget. I noticed my husband was pleased with my help (teamwork). Sweat definitely poured down my back (exercise) as Emi cheered me on, ” Go mommy, Go” (my kid thinks I’m cool)! But I believe I produce quality work not only on the lawn at my house but also the lawn of my heart. 

It’s easy to get caught up in just “doing” things and not paying attention to what you are doing. No longer will I allow myself to focus on the benefits of my serving but rather the quality of my service.

Key take away: The quality of my work reflects the quality of my heart. 


God’s daughter. His wife. Their mother. Your friend.

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