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She’s Watching 

July 3, 2017


Growing up I was not a huge fan of the radio. Why? Because the host always seemed to talk too much. However recently I’ve noticed that K-Love is programmed on multiple channels in my car (thanks boo). Now I actually enjoy listening to the host talk and hearing all the testimonies and stories that are shared by fellow listeners both near and far. 

But my absolute favorite thing about K-love is the atmosphere it helps set in the car. I’m usually singing, laughing, or crying (yes, all this while driving). However there is nothing like looking up in my rear view mirror and seeing my two year old listening intensely or actually singing along. The vision of her hands lefted and eyes closed singing ” Good Good Father” wrecks me everytime.

Now I’m not sure if she is mimicking me when she lifts her hands or says, “Thank you Jesus”;  but what I do know is that she’s experiencing the presence of God as she’s watching. My prayer is that she learning and embracing:

1. There’s freedom in HIS presence

2. We NEVER have to leave HIS presence

3. There’s beauty in the “ugly” cry (really, try it!)

4. Praise and worship is fuel to the soul

Thanks K-love for helping me usher my little actress beyond the curtains right into the presence of our Good Good Father. Thank you Emi for watching (raw accountability). Mommy will stay at the feet of Jesus. Lastly, Phenix wake up (…or stop crying lol), and watch your sister, as she watches me, we’re having so much fun in HIS presence. Join us! 


God’s daughter. His wife. Their mother. Your friend.

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