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July 15, 2017

It seems to me that society has been handing out these guidelines for success and somehow I’ve misplaced my copy. Not to worry my friend, I’m no longer interested in

following it’s basic guidelines anyway. It’s disheartening  to think about the years I’ve spent trying to fit the mold of success. Talking about bondage! 

 Recently I made a conscious discussion to stop trying to be successful and just be successful simply because God created me to be a successful being. Once I embraced the reality of this truth I no longer spend precious moments looking for things outside or around me to feel successful. My time is best spent working from the inside out. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe appearance, correct grammar (which isn’t my strong suit), and connections all play a role in a level of success. However, they don’t determine it.

So what I perfer not wearing makeup, and I’d rather a pair of pants over a dress any day. What good am I if I dress up a “living” body yet my soul (mind, will, and emotions) are dead? What value do I truly bring to the Kingdom of God if in public my speech is polished, yet my internal thinking is corrupt and muddy? 


The moment I chose Jesus, I received success. I’m not sure about you , but I often have to remind my flesh that we’ve chosen Jesus over everything. The appetite for people to know me is simply my flesh trying to run the show. Maybe one day people will recognize the things that God has gifted me to do and maybe they won’t. Maybe I will spend my life invisible. I’m okay with that possibility. In fact I embrace it because if I can pour out my life before people and all they see is Jesus, than I would’ve done exactly what the father has called me to do. I’m not here to build my Kingdom but to build HIS. My success is only a by-product of an obedient heart.  

Are you considering tossing those guidelines? Do you want to be free? Ahhh my friend it’s simple. Just BE what you were created to be. Success has Jesus’ name written all over it. Embrace HIM and success will embrace you. And this is the freedom that you and I have been waiting for. Receive the Freedom of being YOU!


God’s daughter. His wife. Their mother. Your friend.

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