October 7, 2017

There’s no denying that Hurricane Katrina came through Louisiana and forever changed the lives of many people. Many lives were lost, families were separated, and homes destroyed. I vividly remember my family traveling to Baton Rouge to take shelter with us. Originally they wanted to stay and ride out the storm, but at the last minute decided it was best to leave due the predicted damage that was to come. 

My parents, two brothers, and I lived in a three bedroom apartment, so you could image how cramped we were when six additional people joined us. It was an experience I will never forget. Gathered in our cozy living room, we watched the news day in and day out. The agony was breathtaking. I recall googling an aerial view of my grandparents’ neighborhood and we could literally see the house under water. Sixty plus years of home investments and memories gone. 

Many are aware that Hurricane Katrina came with tons of power, but it wasn’t her power alone that brought this tremendous amount of damage. It was the storm surge and levee failure that rocked the foundation of New Orleans. Water flooded into the city for days, and residents had to wait weeks before they could return to their homes. Once families could return, the restoration process could begin. The foundation of each home had to be checked for substainabilty, and some families opted to lift their homes. 

Like these families who experienced great loss, we too can feel this level of pain in relationships. Having spent time investing into a relationship only to have it flooded with disappointment. Yesterday, we discussed restoring ourselves back to trusting God. Only God can heal and protect us in and through relationships. 

Today, we will do a foundation check. Ask yourself the questions below:

  1. Have I been depending on my own strength in relationships? 
  2. Have I been depending on people to make me happy? 

My friend, Holy Spirit is our constant companion and he can and will direct us in how to conduct ourselves in relationships. With his help we have the ability to set guard rails around our relationships. These guard rails are put in place to help us recognize when our trust is being shifted from God onto people. 

If your foundation has been damaged or was never built correctly from the beginning, I have great news! it’s not too late to get things corrected. Your foundation may have been built on the right foundation, but the flood of disappointment has caused weakness. You may have never built your foundation on God, instead you built it through your own strengths and abilities. Whatever the case, it’s time to allow God to restore you.

Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.

Matthew 7:24-25

Declaration: Father, I refuse to do anything without you. Your word promises that If I build on you (your word) I will not fall. You provide stability in all things. When things are uncomfortable I will remain in you. I will not allow my emotions to dictate how I respond to disappointment. Thank you for restoration Father. 

Today’s Focus:

  • Get familiar with the above scripture. Write it down and repeat it. This will help it get into your heart.
  • Invite God in to restore you.

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