October 4, 2017

Repeating and recalling lines from your favorite movie can be exciting. I’ve never been really good at remembering movie lines, however I’m guilty of replaying and repeating situations that have disappointed me. 

The longer I replay the tapes, the less I remember about my actions. In fact my actions became excusable in most cases, because in my mind they were only in response to what was said or done to me. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to discuss a past confrontation with the one you were in conflict with? Most of the times the stories aren’t identical. Both parties typically focus on the “wrong” that was done to them, and embracing victim role becomes the the easiest solution.

Declaration: We are no longer slaves to past hurts, anger, or fear. We are no longer victims but overcomers. We will walk in the truth of God’s word and stand on every promise he has made. No longer will we find comfort in negativity , but we will stand boldly and say that we are free from the chains of resentment, unforgivness, and doubt. 

Then, you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. 

John 8:32 

Today’s Focus: Journal about one of your favorite past times with HER. Pray for HER. 

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