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She’s Watching 

July 3, 2017


Growing up I was not a huge fan of the radio. Why? Because the host always seemed to talk too much. However recently I’ve noticed that K-Love is programmed on multiple channels in my car (thanks boo). Now I actually enjoy listening to the host talk and hearing all the testimonies and stories that are shared by fellow listeners both near and far. 

But my absolute favorite thing about K-love is the atmosphere it helps set in the car. I’m usually singing, laughing, or crying (yes, all this while driving). However there is nothing like looking up in my rear view mirror and seeing my two year old listening intensely or actually singing along. The vision of her hands lefted and eyes closed singing ” Good Good Father” wrecks me everytime.

Now I’m not sure if she is mimicking me when she lifts her hands or says, “Thank you Jesus”;  but what I do know is that she’s experiencing the presence of God as she’s watching. My prayer is that she learning and embracing:

1. There’s freedom in HIS presence

2. We NEVER have to leave HIS presence

3. There’s beauty in the “ugly” cry (really, try it!)

4. Praise and worship is fuel to the soul

Thanks K-love for helping me usher my little actress beyond the curtains right into the presence of our Good Good Father. Thank you Emi for watching (raw accountability). Mommy will stay at the feet of Jesus. Lastly, Phenix wake up (…or stop crying lol), and watch your sister, as she watches me, we’re having so much fun in HIS presence. Join us! 


God’s daughter. His wife. Their mother. Your friend.

Growth, Life Lessons


May 27, 2017

The polls are out and most seem to agree that moving sucks! Moving from one place to another in the same state can be a very overwhelming process. But moving from state to another state is like spring cleaning on steroids! February 2016 my family and I made it official… we now call Louisiana home again. Not many were aware of the year long process we went through before the official move took place. 

I received the initial orders back in January 2015. To say that I was confused with this new set of orders from God is an understatement. HE was the one who told me to move to the DMV area in the first place. My life was sweet just the way it was. Five years living in Maryland had done my life real good. The growth from December 2010 to January 2016 had been great and I was looking forward to more….and then the orders changed. 

Now I will tell you that one of my first thoughts were to ignore the orders. I mean wouldn’t God understand if I explained why I wanted to stay and give more of my supply to my local ministry? If I promised to appreciate my friends (who had basically become family) more? Surly he would change his mind, right?? NOT! 

Following these new set of orders hasn’t been easy. It has stretched us in ways we never could’ve imagine. Who knew it would take six months for Marquis (my husband) to find a job? Who knew that being around family would prove itself challenging? No one told me that the absence of friends would hurt so bad, and the effort to make new ones would be so overwhelming. 

A place I once called home has often felt like a foreign land. There have been times where I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me in the middle of a dessert without water. While I still don’t know all that this new season has in store for my family and I…I find peace in knowing that God created the orders. Here’s a summary of a few lessons I’ve learned since obeying them. I hope they bless  you as much as they have blessed me. 

1. You can be stretched and strengthened at the same time.

2. Unwavering faith is water to a thirsty soul. 

3. You don’t have to understand to obey

What are your orders? I would love to hear from you!


God’s Daughter.  His wife. Their mother. Your friend.

Growth, Life Lessons

 Bold isn’t always cute

May 20, 2017

That moment you realize that boldness isn’t always cute, what  will you do?

For years I was proud of being BOLD and I hated when people felt like I had a nasty attitude. 

I’ve learned that self-control should always be a companion to boldness. Yes, God has given me freedom, but that freedom should always breed life. I began to notice that my boldness wasn’t always producing life, in fact it was killing some things around me.

I’ve made a conscious decision to employ self-control. It does not hold me back, instead it keeps my heart surrendered to God. It’s a reminder that my life is not my own, and I do not have the right to say what I want to say – how I want to say it. It empowers me to consider my thoughts and take an accurate assessment of my feelings before expressing them. Employing self-control quite frankly has single handedly improved my relationships (still have room to grow) with others. In fact I would dare to say that it has caused the love meter in my marriage to increase.

So while I am a huge supporter of being BOLD, I am equally inclined to encourage others to partner boldness with self-control. The amount of victories I have experienced since making this adjustment has been unbelievable. Please don’t think this was an easy process. It took much intentionality and focus. Here are a few things that have helped me along the way:

1. Considere the direction of your boldness. Is it about you believing in yourself or proving yourself? 

Believing in yourself is internally connected to believing what God has placed inside of you. Being confident in that and not allowing anything or anyone to take away that belief (which in fact really is a knowing).

Proving yourself often requires you to misuse the energy required for knowing who you are and waste it trying to convince others (and yourself at times) who you are. Which in turn creates a hostile environment for the true you to flourish. 

2. Boldness is greater than but not equal to a nasty attitude 

For some reason I thought being bold required me to be firm and loud. As if raising my voice would help me get my point across. Yeah maybe I was heard, but it didn’t guantee I would be understood. 

I had to decide what was most important- to be heard or to be understood. In my boldness I typically believe I am right and justified, which automatically makes the other individual(s) wrong and unjustified. But if I really think I am right and my ultimate goal is to “help” the other person, my approach has to be one of teaching and not judgement. 

Dropping my desire to be right has cleansed my attitude, and now my boldness requires me to consider the individual(s) on the other end of it.

3. Is your boldness teachable?

No matter how grounded I am in what I know about God, myself, and others-it is my desire to remain soft enough to learn new things and to remain open to greater understanding. I never want my own attitude to be the enemy to increase in my life or others’ lives. 


God’s daughter. His wife. Their mother. Your friend

Life Lessons

Weight Restrictions

May 1, 2017

Ugh!! I’m so sick of looking in the mirror and not being pleased! If it’s not my weight it’s my hair, and if it’s not my hair it’s my weight (ha who am I kidding most of the time it’s my weight). It would be easy to lead you guys to believe that my physical weight is the real issue, but that’s not the case. While I would love to lose a few pounds, the weight I’m referring to is emotional.

In a world that focuses so much on appearance, I’ve been convinced to zoom in on my outer appearance while spending little to no time dealing with the emotional weight I’ve been carrying around. I often find myself over thinking various situations (like this blog for example). The natural me has a tendency to spend countless hours dwelling on negative things. This habitual routine causes a lot of sleepless night and down right bad days; but most of all it tampers with my ability to focus.

Weight Restrictions


Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.(Hebrews 12:1)

While my physical weight matters (a lot) I realize that my emotional weight is what’s really weighing me down. The word instructs me (gotta make it personal) to lay aside every weight. I wasn’t designed nor am I expected to carry weight…and while this revelation is currently fresh and exciting I realize that this is a journey. Join me! We have a lot to do.


God’s daughter. His wife. Their mother. Your friend.

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