God's Daughter

It’s probably safe to say that I was "born" and raised in the church. I'm pretty sure out of fear of going to hell I received Jesus over and over again as a kid. It wasn't until my first year in middle school that I understood a personal relationship was required. As his daughter I find freedom in being exactly who he has created me to be. Welcome into the mind of a daughter receiving understanding, knowledge, and revelation  from her father.

His Wife

If I was writing a fairytale I would say that I married my very best friend on a beautiful Sunday in May 2011, and everything has been perfect since. However..... while Marquis is my best friend it takes major work on both of our parts to maintain our friendship. Because I am aware of the enemy's plot to destroy my marriage (and yours), I choose daily to do the work to make my marriage great. Welcome into the mind of HIS wife.

Their Mother

I am the mother of two brilliant girls, Emi Grace (2) and Phenix Rose (4 months). The jury is still deliberating on who Emi looks like but there is no denying that Phenix is the spitting image of her father. One thing is for sure, while it's nice when people say they look like Marquis & I, it is more important to us that they not only look like but live like Jesus. Welcome into the mind of their mother.

Your Friend

Come, let's sit & talk. Let's not get caught up in what we have in common, heck let's praise our differences. It's those differences that make you (and me) valuable. You're one of a kind and I am grateful for your life. Welcome to my blog.